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The Compo Group

The Compo Group, established in 1982, specializes in sales and customer relations training programs.

Courses provided by The Compo Group are based on internal transformation rather than just skills development and have been used by a number of the Fortune 500 companies. We are located in Westport , CT. 06880

All of our workshops include a segment on how to handle the "Never wrong about anything" type of person or the art of how to disagree agreeably. "Yeah Buts" are the triggers for creating verbal counter resistance in others.  The workshops provide a unique way for the participants to cure the common habit of making others wrong.  Customer loyalty is better achieved when customers feel acknowledged. 

We recognize that there is a decline of loyalty in industry, in the home, in politics, in every facet of our lives.  To be able to create loyal employees and customers, requires more than has previously been done in training workshops.   

Symptoms like: deteriorating quality and productivity, unstable customer bases and the myriad of employee problems that we face on a daily basis can only be relieved with changes in the mental "inner game" of communications.   The Compo Group is at the forefront of this endeavor.

Partnering with Customers

  • Identify "hidden agendas" that interfere with clear communication and cooperation
  • Develop attitudes and skills that create and nurture long lasting and trusting relationships with others
  • Inspire subordinates or others to exceed their own expectations

Key Programs:

Winning Customer Satisfaction

Advanced Sales Workshop


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